Hotel Laguna Wedding

A big thank you to Christy and the great team at Hotel Laguna. It was a busy day, and you guys made Saturday’s wedding for Julie and Casey picture perfect in the Rose Garden. Combining classic elegance and a laid back, artistic style, this Laguna Beach couple had a beautiful wedding and it was a pleasure to share it with them.

Part of the fun/nightmare of photographing a wedding, is rolling with all the moving parts. Parking issues, locating all the parties involved, managing time lines and negotiating people into position when they are ready to or have already been celebrating, it can make your neck start to ache. But when it all comes together, and you get to see and capture what is a major day in a family’s life. When you get to create images that will hold those memories close for people, it all falls into place.
Congratulations Julie and Casey, and thank for sharing your wedding with Debra and myself.


























































































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