Wedding at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills and Reception at The Hills Hotel

Natalie & Jason were married at Crossline Church on a beautiful late October day. I first met Natalie at a family  photo session for her mom Patricia, at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano. Little did we know that Jason would propose the next day! 

Natalie was radiant and relaxed, Jason was excited and funny as always.They celebrated their wedding reception at The Hills Hotel with their best friends and family surrounding this wonderful couple. Thank you and Natalie & Jason, we had a great time at your wedding.

Laguna Hills Wedding 01 Laguna Hills Wedding 02 Laguna Hills Wedding 03 Laguna Hills Wedding 04 Laguna Hills Wedding 05 Laguna Hills Wedding 06 Laguna Hills Wedding 07 Laguna Hills Wedding 08 Laguna Hills Wedding 09 Laguna Hills Wedding 10 Laguna Hills Wedding 11 Laguna Hills Wedding 12 Laguna Hills Wedding 13 Laguna Hills Wedding 14 Laguna Hills Wedding 15 Laguna Hills Wedding 16 Laguna Hills Wedding 17 Laguna Hills Wedding 18 Laguna Hills Wedding 19 Laguna Hills Wedding 20 Laguna Hills Wedding 21 Laguna Hills Wedding 22 Laguna Hills Wedding 24 Laguna Hills Wedding 25 Laguna Hills Wedding 26 Laguna Hills Wedding 27 Laguna Hills Wedding 28 Laguna Hills Wedding 29 Laguna Hills Wedding 29-1 Laguna Hills Wedding 29-2 Laguna Hills Wedding 29-3 Laguna Hills Wedding 30 Laguna Hills Wedding 31 Laguna Hills Wedding 32 Laguna Hills Wedding 33 Laguna Hills Wedding 34

Dove Canyon Wedding

Dove Canyon is a beautiful country club tucked in the hills of southern Orange County, and is the place where many couples get married. I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings there on more than a few occasions, and most recently for Russell and Lauries wedding. This young couple, surrounded by their family and closest friends had a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception.


Dove Canyon Wedding p1

Dove Canyon Wedding p2

Dove Canyon Wedding p3

Leslie Anderson – Florist 714-609-5855

Kyle Serra – Videography –

Bridget Hight – Makeup –

Wedding at Bella Collina in San Clemente

Friday July 12th was the day Mark and Ally got married. They had a wonderful ceremony with all their friends and family at Santiago Catholic Church in Lake Forest, followed by an outdoor reception in San Clemente. Ally put together an all-star cast of wedding vendors for her event. Check out the links for all the highly recommended vendors at the end of this post.

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The people that helped make this day special for the bride and groom.

Katie Vollmer – Hair and Makeup –

Jackie Sandoval – Sweet Table – Heavenly Treats By Jackie 949-382-4753

Bruce D. Battleson – Custom Designed DJ Entertainment –

Benny Ek – Videographer –


Laguna Beach Wedding at Hotel Laguna

On Sunday at the historic Hotel Laguna, we were on hand to document the wedding of Jeffrey and Katherine. This sweet young couple, together with their family and friends were joined in marriage, with vows they wrote themselves. Their whole wedding was fresh and new, but still rooted in tradition. Congratulations to Jeffery and Katherine. And thanks as always to the hardworking team at Hotel Laguna, it is always a pleasure to work with you.

Hotel Laguna Wedding 01 Hotel Laguna Wedding 02 Hotel Laguna Wedding 04 Hotel Laguna Wedding 05 Hotel Laguna Wedding 06 Hotel Laguna Wedding 07 Hotel Laguna Wedding 08 Hotel Laguna Wedding 09 Hotel Laguna Wedding 10 Hotel Laguna Wedding 11 Hotel Laguna Wedding 12 Hotel Laguna Wedding 13 Hotel Laguna Wedding 14 Hotel Laguna Wedding 15 Hotel Laguna Wedding 16 Hotel Laguna Wedding 17 Hotel Laguna Wedding 18 Hotel Laguna Wedding 19 Hotel Laguna Wedding 20 Hotel Laguna Wedding 22 Hotel Laguna Wedding 24 Hotel Laguna Wedding 25 Hotel Laguna Wedding 26 Hotel Laguna Wedding 28 Hotel Laguna Wedding 29 Hotel Laguna Wedding 30 Hotel Laguna Wedding 31 Hotel Laguna Wedding 32 Hotel Laguna Wedding 33 Hotel Laguna Wedding 34 Hotel Laguna Wedding 35 Hotel Laguna Wedding 36 Hotel Laguna Wedding 37 Hotel Laguna Wedding 38 Hotel Laguna Wedding 39 Hotel Laguna Wedding 40 Hotel Laguna Wedding 41 Hotel Laguna Wedding 42 Hotel Laguna Wedding 44 Hotel Laguna Wedding 46 Hotel Laguna Wedding 47 Hotel Laguna Wedding 49 Hotel Laguna Wedding 50 Hotel Laguna Wedding 51 Hotel Laguna Wedding 52 Hotel Laguna Wedding 56 Hotel Laguna Wedding 60 Hotel Laguna Wedding 61 Hotel Laguna Wedding 63 Hotel Laguna Wedding 64 Hotel Laguna Wedding 65 Hotel Laguna Wedding 66 Hotel Laguna Wedding 67 Hotel Laguna Wedding 68 Hotel Laguna Wedding 69 Hotel Laguna Wedding 70 Hotel Laguna Wedding 71 Hotel Laguna Wedding 72


Bella Collina Wedding – Bobby and Lindsey

A week or so before this past Saturday, I met up with Lindsey and Bobby at their wedding venue for a tour. Having an outdoor ceremony, Lindsey wanted to make sure we allowed enough time to get photos before sunset. Jokingly, someone brought up the “What if it rains” scenario. I said, “Don’t worry. I have been shooting weddings six plus years and have never been rained out,” knocking on a wooden wine barrel as I made that statement.

So Saturday when I looked outside and saw the deep shimmer produced only by excessive moisture, I thought, “It’s only mist, a really heavy mist.”

 Arriving for bridal party pictures in San Clemente, it was not misting, but the skies were a deep gray.  This just meant that the beautiful grounds around Bella Collina Towne and Golf Club looked even more amazing.

This was my first time working at this venue and I hope I get to shoot there again soon.  It’s definitely a great spot in Orange County to have your wedding.

 Bobby and Lindsey, thanks for letting us photograph your wedding day. We were so happy to be part of the magic and we wish you all the best.

Wedding at Bella Collina Country Club in San ClementeWedding at Bella Collina Country Club in San Clemente

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