Chuck Jones Gallery Wedding

Some people choose a venue for their wedding because the details of the location evoke a feeling, or because the location holds a special memory for them. Sometimes the location of your wedding is chosen because you have a great feeling about the food, or the staff. At the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, you get the whole package. Beautiful open space that you can customize to appeal to your vision, with the back drop of amazing modern art that has a youthful charm and hold memories for everyone. And the menu and staff are among the highest caliber in Southern California, who else? 24 Carrots.
The Chuck Jones Center is a nonprofit, founded by the legendary illustrator; Chuck Jones and their mission statement is
“to inspire the innate creative genius with each person that leads to a more joyous, passionate and harmonious life and world”
With Bugs Bunny, the Road Runner, and all the incredible Chuck Jones characters, as well as beautiful modern art surrounding them Taylor and Rachel shared their day with their family and friends. Inspiring all of us with joy and We know they will have a harmonious life.

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