Wedding at Dove Canyon Country Club

They say the 3 most important words in real estate are location, location, location. It is surely a factor in wedding photography too. At Christie and Alex’s wedding, they chose wisely. They got ready and had their “first look” at the beautiful Marriott Newport Coast Villas. With views and grounds like these, it’s hard to go wrong. Add in a beautiful bride, and a handsome, smiling groom, click click, life is good.  In fact the whole bridal party, was pretty good looking.
To make my life even better, Christie and Alex held their wedding at Dove Canyon Country Club, a familiar and gorgeous location. Having shot there before makes it easier. But the changing light  does mean things can look completely different as the day and sun moves across the sky. Even a place you would have walked right past in the morning suddenly becomes a shadowy romantic grotto at noon. Or a waterfall goes from pretty to dramatic, when the sun sets behind it. Add a newly wed couple, so clearly in love. Yes indeed, life is good.

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