Meant to be: the Marbella Country Club wedding of Brooke and Dave

It can be said of many couples on their wedding day, but we heard it again and again, from family and friends of Dave and Brooke’s,” They were meant to be together” Dave and Brooke met in high school, and amazingly, stayed together through all the tests and trials that 10 years can bring.

Brooke’s parents adored Dave, that was clear. Dave’s parents loved and cherished Brooke as one of their daughters. The close knit group of friends all said it over and over, “we all knew it was a matter of time, these two were meant to be”
On a perfect Orange County Day in ┬áSan Juan Capistrano, at the Marbella Country Club: These two people, who have already walked a long path together, took another step in life’s journey. The day was not the only beautiful thing to see, Dave told Brooke over and over, how beautiful she was, he was absolutely correct.
It was a pleasure to be a part of Brooke and Dave’s wedding day. They are genuine people that really make everyone they meet feel at ease. Sharing their wedding with the family and friends was an honor.
Congratulations guys, you will have a long and beautiful life together, full of the support of your wonderful parents, and great friends.

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