Laguna Beach Wedding

When I pulled up to Salon La Mer in Laguna Beach at 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning, I was very happy to see Rosie and her girls getting their hair and makeup done, and they were all excited about the 11 o’clock ceremony to be held in the Rose Garden at Hotel Laguna. After capturing some of the preparations, we went on over to the Hotel and met up with Brian and the guys. I got to spend a little time with them before meeting up again with Rosie just before the ceremony. After the ceremony, we took the bridal party out for a little photo session and then back to the Rose Garden to wrap up with the photos of the bride and groom with their family and friends. As it was a day wedding, the reception finished up around 4:00 and I suggested to the bride and groom we maybe take a few more shots before they head out to the after party.  It didn’t take much to talk them into heading down to the sand, and when I took off my shoes and rolled up my slacks, they followed suit and joined me in the ocean. As far as a photo shoot goes, this was a good one. And the bride and groom, they are on their honeymoon in Jamaica, but they will be moving into their Hawaii home on their return.. Brian and Rosie, we love you and wish you the best and I hope we keep in touch. Aloha guys!

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